Are You Ready to Lose Up to 30 LBS In Just 12 Weeks?
Using a unique approach to a personalized nutrition and exercise program, Bristol and his team will show men and women that they CAN lose up to 30lbs in 12 weeks without exercising for hours daily in the gym.
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Hi, My name is Bristol Jenkins...
I have over 20 Years of fitness and nutrition experience. My passion comes from a place of educating and prevention. I experienced the loss of my father to Diabetes when he was only 56 years old. I know without a doubt his life span could have been increased, if only I had the information that I know now. 

If I could help someone increase great health, reach and maintain goals, how much more could that impact their families, friends and community. Over the next 12 weeks and beyond I will coach you in not only how to lose up to 30lbs in 12 weeks but how to look, feel and live better everyday for the rest of your life!

Here's What You'll Get...
Donna Peart 
“I’ve lost a total of 20+ lbs. and the best part is that I’ve kept the weight off...”
I’ve always worked out in some way or another. I ride a bicycle during the warm weather, I ski, I’ve lifted weights, had gym memberships, and workout equipment at home. Until I joined Bodies by Bristol, I didn’t realize all the things I should have been doing or doing wrong. It’s not about how much weight I lift, but more about the total workout (proper form, engaging your core, slow and controlled movements, and the right combination of exercises). Thanks to my nutrition log and guidance from Bristol, my eating habits and food choices have improved. I’ve eliminated a number of foods that were preventing me from reaching my goals. I started working out with Bodies by Bristol in April of 2011 and can’t imagine my life without them. I’m happy to be part of the family. I’ve lost a total of 20+ lbs. and the best part is that I’ve kept the weight off. In the past, my weight would go up and down but typically up. I sleep better, I have way more energy, and I feel better than I did 10 years ago. When I started training with Bristol, I was taking Celebrex for back issues and within 5 months I stopped taking it and haven’t had any back issues. And, I went from size 12 to size 4. And, did I mention that I have pretty good biceps. Everyone’s busy. . .find time to take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and have fun because it will change your life.
Are You Ready to Look Good and Feel Great!?
This could be you! You will experience a healthy weight loss, feel confident, and reach your personal goals with the help of expert trainers. You will not want to miss this exclusive opportunity to take your fitness to whole new level in just 12 short weeks.
Will You Become Our Next Success Story?
With The 12 Week Challenge, You'll Get Everything You Need To
Get Leaner, Stronger, and Feel Amazing!
  • Learn how to be accountable and committed
  •  Take control of your health and fitness 
  •  Get a handle on nutrition 
  •  Achieve goals that otherwise seem unattainable 
  •  Create great healthy habits and make smart food choices 
  •  Be more active 
  •  Do things you weren’t able to do before 
  •  Have more energy 
  •  Your transformation will Impact your family, friends and community 
  • Our programs will show you how to burn unwanted fat
  •  How to sculpt leaner muscles 
  •  Lose weight and inches  
  •  Busts through plateaus  
  •  Get stronger 
  •  Improve your quality of life 
  •  Learn to Reach and maintain goals 
  •  Find your balance between food and physical activity
  •  Help you Gain confidence
To ensure every client gets the best possible service and results I will only be taking on 15 people each month. When the spaces are taken, that’s it.”
  • Be accountable, Gain strength, Fuel your body to have more energy, Increase muscle to become a fat burning machine, Develop great training habits, improve your sleep habits
  •  Lose inches, drop dress or jeans sizes, Exercise to improve balance, coordination and flexibility, Transform your mind to develop a lifestyle of change, Make nutrition simple so that the path way is clear.
  •  Personalized training plan so that your fitness needs are met; we'll teach you what works for your individual body and achieve goals, Plan your fitness progressions so that you can perform at optimal levels.
P.S. In 12 weeks time you could be a couple of pounds heavier than you are now or you could be 30lbs lighter and full of energy...
Here's a Summary of What You'll Get...
  • 1 on 1 Live Online Consultation
  •  Macro-nutrient Calculator 
  •  Done for You Meal Plans 
  •  Grocery Lists 
  •  Healthy Yummy Recipes 
  •  Discounted Vitamin & Supplement Packs 
  •  Accountability & Support 

  •   Bodies By Bristol Online Training Mobile App with Access to: 
  •  - Customized Online Training & Meal Diary 
  •  - Process Photos & Result Tracking 
  •  - Functional Movement,  Body Fat & Measurement Tracking 
  •  - Direct Messaging to Your Trainer
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Here's What You'll Get...
Amy Weiss
"My attitude is better, my clothes fit again, and I feel fit and healthy!"
Prior to joining BBB, I had reached an all-time high with my weight, and was miserable and disappointed in myself that I had yo-yoed to that degree. My eating habits were not made with much planning. My job involves a lot of sitting which
didn’t help. 9 months ago, I started working out at BBB & I’ve lost 27 pounds & many inches. I have gone down 3-4 clothing sizes. I have increased my muscle, feel much tighter & eat cleaner. I am now working out 5-7 days a week. When I first started, I could barely do 2 minutes on the Stair Master on level 2. Now I am up to 30 minutes on level 5, and am working on doing so at level 7. My attitude is better, my clothes fit again, and I feel fit and healthy. It is so gratifying to have made a conscious decision to change and I have done it. My daughter has been motivated by my change, and has just lost 25 pounds as well. I have come a long way since that snowy Friday in March where I sat at Bristol’s desk, crying and feeling so awful about myself. It has been a total transformation, both emotionally and physically.
Are You Ready to Look Good and Feel Great!?
* Results may vary from person to person

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