Beating A Plateau

If you’ve been stuck at the same weight for weeks, but still workout faithfully, you’re plateauing. Beating a plateau isn’t the easiest thing to do, but a few tips can help you avoid it and break through it if you’re in one. You’ll plateau if you’re doing the same routine too long, allowing your body to become too efficient, thus burning fewer calories. Normally, people think of efficiency as a good thing, but that’s not true when it comes to workouts. It causes the body to burn fewer calories. As a trainer. I work to provide a wide variety of workout, pushing your body to the max to accomplish your goals.

Don’t expect to lose as rapidly as you did when you first begin a fitness program unless you make adjustments.

If you started your weight loss program at 180 pounds and lost 30 pounds, you body doesn’t have to work as hard just to move around daily. You’re carrying fewer pounds and burning fewer calories than you were when you weighed 180 pounds. That extra weight is like carrying a 30 pound barbell everywhere you went. At a lower weight, your body requires fewer calories, so you either have to work harder or eat less. It’s just one reason trainers continuously assess your fitness level and adjust the workout accordingly.

You may be working out like crazy but still not seeing the difference on the scales.

If that’s happening, you may be measuring your progress wrong. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does per cubic inch. To put it in more visual terms, the container to hold a pound of muscle tissue is smaller than the container to hold a pound of fat, just like the container to hold a pound of feathers is to hold a pound of steel. Are you losing inches? Are your clothes too big? Those are also ways to judge your progress. If you’re not losing weight but have lost two clothing sizes, you’re still making progress.

Maybe you aren’t counting all the calories you ingest.

If you’re eating healthier, good for you. It’s hard to ingest a lot of calories when you’re consuming whole foods. However, are you noticing everything you eat. Do you still drink soft drinks daily or indulge in a daily frothy drink from Starbucks? A white chocolate mocha contains 470 calories, just 30 fewer calories than a large fries from McDonalds! A 12 ounce Coke has 140 calories with a Pepsi containing 150 calories. If you drink just one a day, in 23 days you’ll gain a pound. What you drink counts just as much as what you eat. If it goes in your mouth and down to your stomach, the calories count.

  • Boost your activity level when you’re not in the gym. Take the stairs, ride a bike to work and keep moving. That adds to the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.
  • Learn to enjoy working out and all the energy you get from exercising. You’ll eventually shed the pounds, but in the meantime, enjoy all the benefits a more active lifestyle brings.
  • Don’t judge yourself. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow a healthy lifestyle, but if you fall off the wagon and indulge in a guilty pleasure, it’s not the end of the world and you’re not a failure.
  • If you’re doing everything right, know you’ll lose weight. Sometimes, water weight makes a difference. There are fluctuations that have nothing to do with actual weight loss.

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