Eating Healthy When You’re Older

No matter what your age, a healthy clean diet is important, However, eating healthy when you’re older is even more important because of several changes in the body. Most older people are more sedentary than their younger peers, so they often eat less. To make matters worse, low stomach acid and reduced digestive enzymes make […]

The New Millennial Diet

You may have heard of the new millennial diet, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Don’t worry, it’s not really a diet per se, but a way of eating. First, exactly what is a millennial? It’s basically people who were born between the early 1980s to about 2004. This age group is now the […]

Simple Ways To Measure Your Food Portions

Dieting shouldn’t be as difficult as brain surgery or quantum physics. You shouldn’t have to buy special gear to measure precisely how much you eat. Even when you own it, it doesn’t solve the problem of eating in public places. You shouldn’t have to have that scales or those measuring tools with you all the […]

Breakfast Ideas That Help Reduce Afternoon Cravings

Everyone has faced it at one time or another. It’s that urge to eat anything with sugar, even if it’s the white packet in the breakroom. It causes outrageous craving for sugary treats, chocolate bombs and anything that resembles pastry. In order to find the best breakfast ideas that help reduce afternoon cravings, you need […]

There Are No Bad Emotions

No matter how hard you battle, that feeling of anger keeps popping up. You’ve been taught to fight off this negative emotion because it’s bad. You have to realize, there are no bad emotions and for that matter, there are no “good” emotions either. There are just emotions. It’s how you deal with those emotions […]

Does Happiness Have A Weight

All too often I hear people say they’ll be happy when they weigh a specific amount. While most of these people mean that’s the goal they want to hit, some truly believe they’ll feel good about life again when they step on the scales and see that magic number. Does happiness have a weight? Will […]

When Should I Change Up My Training?

I often get new clients who ask me when they should change up my training, get a new workout or push a little harder. These are questions you can’t answer with a specific time, because each person is different. As a personal trainer, I closely monitor clients and watch for certain signs that help me […]

Can Long Distance Running Damage Your Health?

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not long distance running could actually damage your health. After all, it’s exercise and exercise is good for you. The problem comes when you consider the gruelling effect it has on the body, especially if the runner isn’t trained properly. There are many reasons people choose this […]

Great Meals Using In-Season Fruits And Vegetables

You don’t have to pay a fortune to eat healthy, especially when you purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season or grow them yourself. It’s easy to plan great meals using in-season fruits and vegetables grown in Marlton NJ when you know exactly what they are. You don’t have to scan the sale items […]

Blood Flow Restriction Training

One of the latest training techniques was borrowed from the world of rehabilitation. It’s called blood flow restriction training—BFR, also known as occlusion training. It’s used to increase the size and strength of a muscle with a less intense workout. When used for rehabilitation, it’s a true game changer. It helps reduce the loss of […]