Portobello Mushrooms Can Be A Dieter’s Friend

There’s nothing that sets a meal off right and gives gourmet appeal than a plate of well prepared portobello mushrooms. I’m a fan of mushrooms and love the flavor and texture of these delectable fungi, but also know they’re a dieter’s friend. With only about 4 calories for a medium size mushroom, they’re not only […]

Get Rid Of Cellulite

Even thinner people can be plagued with orange peel dimpled thighs and puckery cottage cheese skin that comes from cellulite. It’s a force that’s hard to deal with no matter what your weight. The market is flooded with special creams, diets and pills that help women deal with this stubborn problem, many of which are […]

Can Exercise Make You Want To Eat Healthier?

Of course, I’m always interested in studies that show the benefits of exercise, but even I was surprised at several whose results indicated that exercise could make you eat healthier. It shouldn’t have amazed me. I see it all the time. People start working out, but often balk at the idea of clean eating and […]

Share Your Success

When you accomplish your fitness goals, you should share your success with others. That doesn’t mean you should go around bragging, but letting other people know your progress may even help you get fitter or maintain weight loss or fitness levels. One study showed that people who shared their weight loss and fitness goals and […]

Routines For People With No Time

When you work with a personal trainer, letting the trainer know that time is at a premium and he or she will help you with routines for people with no time. Trainers know the best way to get fast results with the shortest possible workout. If you’re working out on your own, you can also […]

Find Your Favorite Healthy Meal

If you’re living a healthier lifestyle, it’s also the time to find your favorite healthy meal. Let’s face it, people eat certain foods for a number of reasons. Maybe your favorite food used to be ice cream because your mother got you a dish as a comfort when you had a major disappointment. Maybe you […]

Should You Worry About Hormones In Food

There’s been a lot of talk about the hormones that are given to animals and the genetically engineered foods that are reaching the market. This brings a concern to people who are trying to eat healthy. One of the principles of eating organic or consuming products from free range chickens or grass fed beef is […]

Don’t Overthink Fitness

If you’ve been considering a workout program for years, but never started because you weren’t sure how, just get moving. It simply takes putting one foot in front of the other and walking out the door, down the street and back home to get exercise. Opt for a personal trainer if you want a formal […]

Consistency Is Key

You can’t workout for two hours straight and then skip it for over a week and expect results—even if you put in the same amount of time that you might over that same time period. To get the maximum results from your workout, consistency is key. It means getting at least 30 minutes of exercise […]

Working Out In Real Life Situations

You’re constantly working out in real life situations, even though you may not realize it. It’s those chores around the house, the bags you bring in from the grocery and all that lawn work that can do you in if you’re not physically fit enough to do it. It doesn’t have to be hard work. […]