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If you want a great experience that will put bounce in your step, help you lose weight and get you back on the road to fitness, try going to a boot camp in Camden. Boot camps are run by personal trainers who specialize in helping people become their healthiest through nutrition and exercise. They don’t use a cookie cutter approach, but instead create individualized programs for each client. When you go to a boot camp, you get the same benefits.

Before you start to workout, the trainer will learn your goals and special needs.

Special needs include things like back or knee problems that might require modifying a workout. The trainer also assesses your overall fitness and all areas of fitness; flexibility, endurance, balance and strength. The trainer looks for weaker muscle groups and balance between groups of muscles. Only then does he or she use that information to create a program made just for you.

While everyone will look like they’re doing the same thing, if you look closely, you’ll notice differences.

Sure, the whole group may be doing sit-ups, but some will be doing them bent knee style while others may even be doing fingertip ones. Some of the participants will be doing the workout with more intensity and doing more repetitions than others. Those who are more fit will always have harder goals to meet than those who aren’t. That’s because the workout is based on their fitness. The goals are hard for each person no matter what your level of fitness, so nobody gets off easy.

Since everyone is working hard, there’s a lot of empathy and fun at a boot camp.

Nobody gets off easy or ever gets bored. Nobody is ever left behind or out of the loop. Everyone has hard goals based on their abilities at the time, so there’s a lot of bonding and comradery at the boot camp. You’ll often hear people cheering each other on to victory and see them high-fiving on another when the workout is over.

  • People often develop friendships at boot camps that last long after the boot camp ends.
  • Boot camps are a frugal way to get the services of a personal trainer. They’re a fraction of the cost of private sessions because everyone shares the cost, making less per capita.
  • Boot camps are so much fun that people often sign up for another boot camp when the first one ends.
  • You’ll learn a lot at a boot camp and have a wealth of workouts you can do at home after the camp¬†ends.

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