Create Your Own Gourmet Garden

It may be the start of winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a garden for next spring. You can even grow some plants indoors over the winter months if you have a sunny exposure. There are many reasons to create your own gourmet garden. One of them is the freshness and quality of the food. You can use all organic, natural means of fertilizing and keeping pests away, so you are assured that there’s no lingering pesticides or harmful chemicals. Another reason is the sense of satisfaction when you bite into the first fresh tomato you’ve grown. It’s far more delicious than even those from the market because it was raised by you and picked minutes ago.

Container gardening is one method of getting the most out of a limited space.

Container gourmet gardening is more than just a garden. It’s a decorative touch to your patio or back yard. You can create container garden of all types from vertical gardens to traditional pots sitting on the patio. I’ve even seen a fence with a maze of plastic pipes with circles cut out displaying a beautiful bib lettuce or strawberries. You have to first decide on your space for the garden, then start finding ways to utilize it best. You can start on a mini window garden this winter.

Check out all the unusual veggies you can grow.

Whether you want to grow purple carrots, exotic white eggplant or try your hand at the black Krimm heirloom tomato, the choice is yours. There are some limitations because of climate, but aside from that, you can grow almost any vegetable you choose. Some people choose to focus on one type of plant for their first year, such as just growing various gourmet lettuce types or just tomatoes. Others try a wide variety of different produce and then often settle on just a few types. I recommend starting smaller and choosing a few tomato plants and varieties of lettuce. You might also consider strawberries as they grow well in a jar. Not all vegetables are that rewarding. Green peas, for instance, produce very little once you remove the pod and take a lot of time. Try snow peas instead, since you eat the whole pea.

Don’t forget the herbs.

Many herbs are good companion plants. That means they actually help the other plants grow better. Basil is a great companion for tomatoes and some plants even make your environment better by keeping bugs away. Lemon balm, for instance, repels mosquitoes and can be a handy addition to a garden on the patio.

Herbs will easily grow in a sunny window and they’re always a welcome, healthy addition to food. Add them to your garden this summer for more variety. Try cinnamon basil. It smells glorious and is good in a healthy chili.

  • You can even grow root crops like carrots or potatoes in containers.
  • Plan your garden around healthy eating and get the kids involved in helping. You’ll find they’ll be more apt to finish all their vegetables when they helped grow them.
  • You don’t have to have full sun to grow all vegetables. If your space is “sun challenged” consider beets, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, Swiss chard and radishes.

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