Daily Habits Of A Healthy Person

The daily habits of a healthy person include many habits that get them fit and keep them fit. It includes eating healthy, which means getting at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily or more. The vegetables are varied in color and include leafy green vegetables, brilliant red ones and even some blue and purple ones. Eating a rainbow of colors helps you get all the nutrients you need and eating plenty of vegetables helps you keep a healthy weight.

Healthy people get some form of moderate exercise at least a half hour a day.

The exercise doesn’t have to be in the gym, it can be something you love to do, such as dancing, rock climbing or hiking. In fact, healthy people get out of the house and spend time with Mother Nature to reconnect, soaking up vitamin D in the process, and an outside activity can help you do that. Exercise not only builds the muscles, it helps eliminate stress and strengthens the brain. Cognitive thinking is improved when you exercise regularly.

Healthy people get adequate sleep.

There are a few people that simply don’t require a lot of sleep, but not very many. Most healthy people require seven to nine hours of rest each night. The rest gives their body the opportunity to heal itself and your mind a chance to process the activities of the day. Anabolic, growth hormones, are produced during sleep and they’re important for good health. Know your body and listen to it. It will tell you when to call it a day and get a better start in the morning.

Healthy people hydrate frequently.

Healthy people don’t drink soda, but get their hydration from H2O. They drink approximately eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. The body is composed primarily of water, about 55 to 60 percent for the average adult. The brain and heart are approximately 73% with the lungs at 83% and muscles and kidneys 79%. You can tell that just being slightly dehydrated can affect major organs and even make thinking fuzzy.

  • Healthy people socialize in person. While you might have multiple online friends, the personal touch is far more important according to studies. Take time to visit with people, go for coffee or plan a get-together each week.
  • Healthy people take a cue from cats and stretch each morning and frequently through the day. It helps move toxins out of the body.
  • Healthy people keep an open mind and learn something new outside their area of expertise. That sense of curiosity is linked to living longer and healthier.
  • Healthy people take time to meditate and reflect. Spending some quiet time or meditating ten minutes a day can improve your health by lowering your stress level.

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