Do You Need To Recharge

If you’re ready to crawl under a rock and hide from civilization, it may be time to recharge. Based on your everyday life, recharging can mean a number of things. If you’re at the computer all day, it may be just getting up for a few minutes every hour and walking around, which is excellent for your health. You need to have some personal time for yourself every day where you can rest your mind and body and refresh.

Recharging helps relieve stress.

If you’ve ever exploded at someone over something so minor it wouldn’t bother you at any other time, you needed to recharge. Sometimes, even the smallest request at the wrong time, especially when you’re under a lot of stress, can seem like a demand for your immediate time. It can cause you to get angry, when there was no bad intent meant. That can leave you feeling even worse. It’s better to take time and go for a short walk, meditate in private or take a power nap to revive yourself and recharge. Working out can also provide recharging benefits.

You’ll boost your immune system when you take time for yourself to recharge.

Stress lowers your immunity and relaxation helps boost it. Taking time to relax helps your body to repair itself and gives it benefits like a boost to the immune system. You see it all the time if you’re watching for it. Illness comes at the worse possible time, when you’re most frazzled and busy. It isn’t coincidence that it happens that way. There are studies done that show during finals times, more college kids tend to get colds or flu. It’s the stress that makes them less immune to illness.

Keep your appointment with the gym, but still take some time for yourself.

You need both physical activity and time to rest. While working out will boost the hormones that make you feel good and get rid of those hormones of stress, sometimes you need to rest. You can’t go non-stop without feeling the effects on your body and mind. You might find that the more you workout, the less decompression time you need, but with most people, you probably still need some. Consider learning how to meditate, so you’re ready for stress when it occurs. You could tackle it and defeat it with just a few minutes of meditation.

  • If you’re trying to relax for an hour or two, shut off your cell phone. If you’re a mom, make it a time when you know your children are safe and in bed, so you aren’t constantly checking to see if they’re trying to call or if there’s an emergency.
  • Don’t relax by going online and checking email or Facebook. You want to clear your mind, not add to the problems. If you can, dim the lights and sit perfectly quiet in the room.
  • Treat yourself to something special like a massage. If you’re not one for indulging yourself, do a mindless task that lets you accomplish something, while getting the mental relaxation you need. Don’t rush through it to add stress, but enjoy every minute of doing it.
  • Walk the dog, play with the cat, enjoy a day off of work. Do something you might not otherwise do, like investigating that interesting book or herb shop or the new whole foods market.

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