Does Happiness Have A Weight

All too often I hear people say they’ll be happy when they weigh a specific amount. While most of these people mean that’s the goal they want to hit, some truly believe they’ll feel good about life again when they step on the scales and see that magic number. Does happiness have a weight? Will weighing a certain amount actually make you more or less happy? The answer is that it shouldn’t. The thing that too many people fail to consider is that when you lose weight, you don’t change anything else but your weight. You don’t become wittier, more loving, more joyful or anything else, just thinner.

Start enjoying life and loving yourself no matter what your weight.

Self loathing is definitely counterproductive. Why would anyone want to take care of someone that they hate. Even if they did out of a sense of responsibility, it would be just the bare bones care, providing enough food, maintaining hygiene, attending to illness or ensuring adequate sleep. Fat-shaming yourself only makes you less likely to do the important things to keep your body healthy and strong and more likely to grab a few donuts for self-comfort. Too often people who do this, never really reach true happiness because there’s always something that could be better. They could have more muscle tone, better hair, a better BMI….the list is endless and leads to a very unhappy life.

Stressing yourself out over weight actually makes it worse.

When you’re under stress, your body produces hormones that prepare you for flight or to fight. For the short term, the hormones are good and help us get out of dangerous situations. However, if they remain in the body for a long time, without allowing it to go back to its normal state, you have problems. These hormones make all sorts of changes in your body, that affect your overall health. one of those changes is the accumulation of abdominal fat. That’s right. Stressing yourself out over your weight could actually put on that donut around the waist and pump up your pants size a few notches.

Accepting yourself doesn’t mean you can’t change.

You can love yourself no matter what your weight and still work to improve your fitness level. The key is to remember with each workout at the gym and each bite of healthier eating, that you’re doing it for someone you care about, which is you! You shouldn’t count pounds but strive for doing the things that make you healthier, which only comes when you are happy and loving toward yourself.

  • You have the ability to decide whether you choose to be happy or not. It’s that simple. No matter how many articles, movies or commercials you see that tell you that happiness is tied to looking fabulous, it isn’t. Be your own best friend.
  • Focus more on good health and pampering yourself with healthy habits. Rather than working out to shed weight, focus on how good you feel when you work out. Actually, I smile through workouts because activity does make me feel good. Enjoy the fact you’re burning off negative hormones.
  • Give yourself a chance to truly taste the flavor of food. Eating should be enjoyable, so find ways to eat healthy that gives your body the nutrients it needs. Make it a game to try new recipes and new foods in your diet. Try adding rutabagas to substitute for potatoes for a treat that’s a healthier option.
  • Enjoy the fact that you can exercise and track how much you progress. Praise the little victories and forget the setbacks. The fact you can exercise is a major joy.

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