Don’t Make Excuses – Make Results

If you’re not motivated, you’ll often be able to come up with at least a dozen excuses why working out that day isn’t a good idea. However, that’s no way to achieve the results you want. That’s one reason why setting a goal is so important. When you set a goal, you create a challenge for yourself. It’s more than just, “I really want to lose some weight.” It’s “I will lose ten pounds by the end of the month.” With every goal comes a plan to achieve it. It’s a guide, so to speak, to keep you on the straight and narrow. “I will lose ten pounds by the end of the month by eating healthy and working out three times a week.”

You have to define each step to achieve your goal.

That’s one place we come in as personal trainers. We help you learn how to eat healthier and provide a workout plan to aid you in achieving that goal. You now have all the ammunition and it’s time to get results. If you follow the plan, there is little doubt that you’ll be seeing those results as planned. However, even the best laid plans sometimes don’t work. That’s one reason trainers constantly review your progress to hone the program and refine it.

You’re the one in charge and responsible for your own success.

We help and we feel like we’ve failed if you don’t lose the weight or achieve your fitness goals, but ultimately, the burden of success falls on your shoulders. One way a trainer helps is to hold you accountable. For instance, if you chose to start a fitness program on your own, there’s nobody holding you accountable and nobody you have to meet with to exercise. If you miss a day, no one is the wiser. If you create an excuse, such as you’re too tired, it probably sounds right to you, since nobody else is watching.

You’re never too out of shape to get fit.

People have gotten back into shape after long periods of bed rest wasted almost all their muscle tissue. If they can do it, so can you. It’s never going to be easy, no matter what your level of fitness, but it’s always worth it. You have to focus on your goals and keep your eyes on the prize at all times. When you do that, you’ll quit thinking up excuses and develop a “can-do” attitude that comes up with reasons you can workout and reasons you can accomplish any challenge in the gym.

  • We help you by tracking your progress. When you can see how much you’ve advanced from the first day of working to the present, it’s motivating.
  • Every workout will be hard and you might not be able to do it immediately, but it won’t take long to get your body in shape for the task. Don’t give up too soon.
  • Don’t be afraid to weigh in, but don’t weigh in too often. Stepping on the scales on a daily basis can discourage you when there’s normal fluctuation in weight from water retention.
  • By setting smaller goals to reach the larger goal, you’ll see results faster and be more motivated to continue.

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