Find Your Favorite Healthy Meal

If you’re living a healthier lifestyle, it’s also the time to find your favorite healthy meal. Let’s face it, people eat certain foods for a number of reasons. Maybe your favorite food used to be ice cream because your mother got you a dish as a comfort when you had a major disappointment. Maybe you ate lots of donuts as a reward to yourself when you accomplished something major because you liked them. When you’re aware of the reasons you’re eating certain foods, you can change your mind and change your eating habits. Identifying your favorite healthy meal can help eliminate any feeling of deprivation or change any negative attitude toward eating healthy.

Finding your favorite healthy food can allow you to treat yourself to something “special” while still eating healthy.

When you think of a special dinner or treat, what’s your first thought. Maybe you haven’t thought about it in a while. Take the time to do it now. One of my clients grew up in a home where they ate relatively healthy. She never had a problem with weight and came to me to improve her endurance. I asked her what her favorite food was and she named several. All of them were healthy options like shrimp cocktail, a variety of salads and fresh vegetables. It was what she grew up eating…and the shrimp was for special occasions. She associated home, happiness and special occasions with healthy foods and never had a weight problem in her life.

Identify why you eat what you eat.

Selecting specific foods is a very personal experience. Some foods have a taste you like, sweet sour or just delicious. Some foods have a texture or appearance that appeals to you. Your tastes may reflect what you ate growing up or what’s readily available. They can be influenced by friends or simply be a habit. Advertising can play a role in your choices, so can convenience and cost. If it’s easy to fix it may be at the top of your favorite list and foods from holiday get-togethers are always at the top of favorites. It’s time to add health, fitness and nutrition as a heading and find foods that you’ll love just as much under that category.

No matter how good something is for you, if you gave it a chance and don’t like it, don’t eat it.

You shouldn’t dread eating healthy, you should look forward to it. While you can’t change advertising, foods at family get-togethers or foods from your past, you can find foods that suit you palate, have a texture you like, taste fabulous, are easy to fix and don’t cost a fortune. Start looking for those and then pick a favorite go to food for those days you need a special lift.

  • Experiment with new recipes to help broaden your choices. Some will definitely be “never again” options, but you’ll be surprised how many healthy foods taste delicious.
  • There’s nothing easier to make than whole foods. They’re foods less processed, such as fresh vegetables and fruit. It’s a simple option to toss a salad or steam vegetables and grill a chicken breast for a quick meal.
  • Healthy food doesn’t have to cost more. In fact, it can be tons cheaper than eating some of the convenience foods available. There are online sites that provide tons of recipes for low cost healthy meals.
  • Once you start on the road to eating healthy, you’ll find you no longer crave your old way of eating. You also will never have to diet again.

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