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STEP 1The Action

Sign up here to set up a One-on-One Consultation. This will be a one on one 45 minute private session to see our facility, meet with a coach, get a free assessment and a program recommendation according to your fitness level and goals.

STEP 2The Plan

We will Record baseline measurements, current fitness level and movement evaluation to design your program.

  • Body weight & body fat test
  • 7 site tape measurements
  • Fitness test and Movement evaluation
  • Brief discussion of discovery

STEP 3The System

How our system guarantees results.

  • Nutrition- We provide nutritional planning since nutrition is crucial to your results
  • Supplementation- We like food first, but offer supplements to bridge the gaps where food intake is insufficient.
  • Resistance training- Our training is designed from your fitness assessment in order to move you into progressions
  • Flexibility/mobility- movement and stretching techniques to promote recovery, prevent injury and improve quality of life

STEP 4The Support

  • Coaching- we have a proven coaching system that promotes accountability and commitment which ultimately yields results
  • Commitment-we are dedicated to the success of our clients, we re-evaluate every 3 weeks to ensure you are on the right path to results
  • Accountability- committing to our program goes hand to hand with accountability, we are the support while each client makes the decision to be accountable to the process
  • Support- We are a support every step of the way, your success is our success

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