How To Tighten Up Those Batwing Arms

No matter how much you want to be like a super hero, such as Batman, batwing arms aren’t even close to the right way to achieve it. If you don’t know what batwings are, they’re the loose skin that dangles on the upper arm and flutters when you move or flaps in the wind. Nobody, but nobody wants them. You don’t have to be overweight to have them either, just out of shape. While excess weight and lack of muscle tone in the area is a prime cause, even thin people can have batwings when they’re out of shape. It’s time to take a stand and get rid of them, so you can put sleeveless tops back into your wardrobe.

Start working on your triceps with push ups.

If you’re out of shape, this one starts with you in plank position on bent knee. Otherwise, your body is straight from toes to head and raised. Your hands are directly under your chest with the fingers forming a wide triangle. Arms and back are straight. Lower yourself slowly to the floor, maintaining the straight line, push back up to plank position (straight angle up) using the muscles in the back of the arms through the midback. Repeat up to 15 times for a set. Do three sets.

Lift weights above your head, but do it with them in front of you.

To tighten your arms and upper back, lift weights up and away from your body. Start in seated position with your heals touching and legs up, bent at the knee to form a diamond wedge. Have a weight in each hand (Did you notice I didn’t say dumb bells or bar bells? You can even use large baked bean or tomato cans if you don’t have the equipment, so there’s no reason to avoid this exercise.) at chest level and shoulder width. Push the weights up and away from your body as you pull your shoulder blades down. You’ll move the weight diagonally. Keep your body straight and don’t shrug your shoulders. Do up to 15 times for each set of three.

This one is so simple yet so effective.

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Your hands should be at a 90 degree angle extended upward and shoulder-width apart. Bend your arms at the elbow, keeping the upper arm still pointing upward and slowly lower your weight toward your head. Go as far as just above the forehead and then raise it back again to the starting position. Do the entire sequence up to 15 times for three sets.

– A deltoid raise is good, too. You’ll look like you’re ready to take off in flight. Stand erect with weights in hand and hands to your side. Lift them up keeping your elbow straight until they’re perpendicular to the body. Lower and repeat.

– If you have resistance bands, you can use these to exercise your arms instead of weights.

– Walk like a soldier swinging your arms with free weights in your hands. It works.

– Lay in bed and lift your hands above your head so your arms dangle off the bed. You may have to reverse how you lay so your head is at the bottom of the bed. Have weights in your hands and lift them straight up to exercise the arm area.

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