Keep Your Energy Up During The Holidays

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If you find it hard to keep your energy up during the holidays, you’re not alone. It seems like there’s tugs on your time everywhere you look and so much to get accomplished. Fatigue and even burnout can affect even the healthiest people and leave them barely exhausted. There are some ways to help you make it through this busy season and move into the coming year feeling refreshed.

Stick with your sleep schedule.

You might think you’re doing yourself a favor by staying up all night to get a head start on gift wrapping, cookie baking or that special project, but it’s counterproductive. Adequate sleep is important to rejuvenate and restore both your mind and body. Sometimes, even with good planning, getting to bed on time for a good night’s sleep isn’t possible. If that happened, don’t drag through the day. Find time for a quick power nap.

Don’t skimp on working out.

Sometimes, something has to go, but it shouldn’t be your regular workout. Exercise actually helps burn off the stress that can wear you out and boosts your energy level. If you can’t make it to the gym, have workouts ready to do at home, ask your personal trainer for help. Even if you can’t devote an entire half hour or forty five minutes at a time, you can break the workout down to manageable ten minute sessions and get the same benefit.

Hold off on the sugar and try to eat healthy.

Yes, this is the crowning time of year for sugary treats, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat every treat available. Choose wisely and infrequently. Sugar may give you a boost of energy immediately, but you’re in for a crash before too long. Eating healthy will help you boost your energy level. It provides nutrients you need for good health, especially in such stressful times. Don’t forget vitamin C to aid your immune system and vitamin 12 for your nervous system.

  • Drink plenty of water during this time. It’s not nearly as easy to drink water in colder weather as it is in the summer, but it’s just as necessary. Lots of times water can give you more of an energy boost than caffeinated drinks.
  • Carry high protein snacks and fresh fruit to munch on for snacks. A handful of nuts provide more protein to keep your energy level higher.
  • Fill in the gaps in nutrition in this hectic time with quality vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Try not to sit too long. Sitting for longer than an hour can wipe out the benefits of exercising. Get your blood circulating. Every fifty minutes, get up and do something active. You can create a list of quick active jobs to do that helps.

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