Motivation Gets You Started – Habits Keep You Going

If you can remember the reason you started your fitness program it’s often one incident that started it. Whether it was news from the doctor that you needed to become fitter or lose weight or face an early demise, having to lay on the floor to zip your “fat” pants or worse, not being able to even zip the “fat” pants a fraction of an inch or realizing how hard you had to breathe when you climbed the stairs, that’s the motivation that got you started. Motivation only lasts so long and the memories of the event begin to fade, unless you’ve developed healthy habits, you’ll slowly start to fall off the road to fitness.

It’s a fitness program, but really it’s lifestyle changes.

Once you start working out with consistency, you’ll notice something unique occurring. If for some important reason you have to miss a session, your day doesn’t feel complete. The more difficult the action, the longer it takes to become a habit. While easy things, like shutting off the bathroom light when you leave the room, may only take about three weeks, more challenging tasks like exercising regularly take three to four times longer.

Living an active lifestyle beyond the gym is also a habit you need to develop.

Clients often mentally view their day and find ways to be more active. The list may include taking the stairs at work or parking further from the store and walking. It may include ensuring that you and the family spend one day every weekend in active pastimes like hiking or skiing. If you want to get double the benefit for activities, consider a home project that requires activity whether it’s carrying supplies, squatting and standing or climbing a ladder.

Dieting isn’t a lifestyle change. In fact, dieting doesn’t work.

Dieting isn’t helping your form new habits. It’s a rigid list of foods you have to eat. Instead, we teach you how to make better choices when it comes to food. You’ll learn to reach for the more nutritious lower calorie snack rather than the largest donut on the rack. Making smart daily choices requires more focus at first, but eventually it becomes a habit. To encourage sticking to healthy eating, having a weekly menu and grocery list helps until healthy eating is ingrained and you’ve made the lifestyle change complete.

  • One way to stay motivated until a habit develops is to compliment yourself on the progress you’ve made. If you realize that you’re now able to carry the large bucket of kitty litter in without help and without huffing, bask in that realization.
  • Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon and eat a high calorie food once in a while. As long as it’s not done frequently or in large portions, start fresh after you’ve done it and continue toward success.
  • When eating healthy becomes a habit, you’ll never have to worry about your weight again. In fact, you’ll be able to eat anywhere and always make the best choices.
  • As you become more fit, you’ll have more energy. That extra energy helps make it easier to create the habit of working out and an active lifestyle.

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