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There are so many quick fix programs out there and although we know all the tricks of the trade, we like results that are lasting. That’s why we like to start all of our clients on a 90 day program. 90 days will give your body time to adjust to the program and also be able to combat plateaus. We have had clients lose over 30lbs in 90days. Let me emphasize “If you follow the program” you will see results.

It’s very rare for you not to see results on our program. For instance, even if you don’t lose weight, you’ll still see results in the area of increased energy, less bloating, etc. However, it can happen. So, let’s address this issue.

There are two things to consider if you don’t see results from this plan, especially in the area of weight loss: 1) It’s possible you have a very slow metabolism or hormonal imbalance, specifically linked to the thyroid and/or adrenal glands. If any of your hormonal glands aren’t functioning optimally, it can lead to a slow metabolism and make it very difficult to lose weight. The meal plans on this program are designed to help balance hormones naturally for those who have slight hormonal imbalances. However, if you have severe adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, etc., then you will need a more advanced plan to fix these issues. 2) Another reason it may be difficult for you to lose weight is an underlying nutrient deficiency. If you’re not providing your body with the proper nutrients to allow your body to function optimally (especially the thyroid and adrenal glands), then it’s going to make it more difficult to lose weight. The supplement plan included as a bonus in this program is a great place to start! Try using the recommended supplements on that plan first to see if it helps to rev up your metabolism. If the supplement plan doesn’t help, then I highly suggest getting your vitamin and mineral levels checked.

If your long term goal is optimal health, high energy levels, and an increased metabolism, then yes, I highly recommend taking nutritional supplements. Most people don’t get enough of the necessary nutrients from food alone, so good quality supplements are a great way to bring balance to your diet.

Yes. But, make sure it’s 100% organic since conventional coffee beans are highly sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides that can disrupt your hormonal balance, making it more difficult to lose weight. 1 cup per day should be fine, stay away from sugar and creamers. If you can’t stand drinking your coffee black, then try adding some liquid stevia and a bit of unsweetened almond milk to it.

You will get your best results by working out and following the nutrition plan. However, doing cardio on your off days will increase your stamina & metabolism, which may result in more energy and weight loss.

We got you covered! Some of our clients are strictly virtual using our online training and nutrition apps and as a part of your membership with us, you will have access to our online training app.

We can design a complete workout plan for you that can be done anywhere, anytime, with or without weight, you’ll have access to video on demand where you can choose a workout of your choice, you’ll also have the ability to create your own workouts using our extensive exercise library.