CoEnzyme-B (B-50 Complex)

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  • CoEnzyme B B 50 Complex

    CoEnzyme-B (B-50 Complex)


    B-vitamins are required for numerous biochemical and physiological processes including the metabolism of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) to make energy, support of healthy nervous system function and for cardiovascular function.* Typically B-vitamins are used as needed and any excess is excreted. This makes it very important to consume these essential nutrients on a daily basis. Once B-vitamins are consumed they cannot perform their necessary functions until they are converted into their active coenzyme forms. Aging, chronic disease and other factors may limit one’s ability to convert B-vitamins into their coenzyme forms. Coenzyme B-50 Complex provides the active coenzyme forms of several essential B-vitamins. This bypasses the need for conversion, improves absorption, bioavailability and function.*

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