Pursue Your Passion

One reason I love this job so much is that I get to see people strive for goals they want to achieve and become successful. Some do so against all odds and without the support of family or friends. They prove that the way to happiness is to pursue your passion and not worry about what others say. Don’t worry if the odds are stacked against you, you’ll find a way if you’re sincere in your quest. Even knowing this, the road to the goal is what makes life worth living and adds pleasure to every day you work toward it.

Bodies by Bristol came from persuing my passion.

I’ve always loved fitness, but focused my directions elsewhere. After watching my father die from diabetes, I knew that while I couldn’t help him, I could help myself and others to avoid a similar fate. My passion for fitness focuses on good health in all areas, not just exercise. The body is an amazing self-healing machine, but you need to give it the fuel and care it requires to do that. That’s what my goal is, to teach others and make their life better. It’s given me a renewed purpose and zest for life that I also want others to experience.

Passion will carry you through the tough parts.

No matter what your goal, there are going to be stumbling blocks. There will be times when success seems miles away and unattainable. That’s when you need passion. Passion will carry you through those times and reach a point where you see daylight and have proof that the goal is achievable. Passion strengthens the power of belief and gives it legs to take you to your ultimate goal.

You can have passion for other things besides your ultimate profession.

Taking passion to a workout is like adding fuel to the fire. The resolve burns stronger when you do. If you want to lose twenty pounds but find you come to a point where they’re stubborn and refuse to leave, your passion won’t let you give up your resolve, but will make it stronger. The chances that your body is making those changes necessary to lose weight is occurring, but it sometimes takes time to see the results. When you know you’re doing everything right, your passion will keep you on track until you see the results you want.

  • Setting goals to achieve your passion, no matter whether it’s about a job, fitness or other area, helps you chart your progress and gives you a path to follow.
  • Help children develop a passion for fitness by providing the opportunities that will change their future and stay with them their whole life.
  • Getting fit isn’t just about working out, although that’s a big part of it. It’s about ensuring you have the right nutrients, eat healthy foods, get proper hydration and sleep. It’s treating your body the way it needs to be treated to stay your healthiest.
  • The body and mind work together. If you’re not in shape and uncomfortable in your own body, you won’t be mentally fit. If your mental state is not at its peak, it can affect your body and health. Adding passion to your life and workout helps both.

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