Routines For People With No Time

When you work with a personal trainer, letting the trainer know that time is at a premium and he or she will help you with routines for people with no time. Trainers know the best way to get fast results with the shortest possible workout. If you’re working out on your own, you can also take advantage of these shortcut techniques that save time, but don’t short you on benefits.

Try HIIT training.

HIIT training is a form of interval training, except you go at maximum intensity for a specific time—usually 10 to 30 seconds based on your fitness level, then do moderate or low intensity for twice that amount of time —20 to 60 seconds. Repeat it continuously until you’ve done it 10 to 20 minutes, again, based on your fitness level. It burns twice as many calories as regular exercise and provides double the endurance benefits, so you don’t have to exercise as long. You can use any type of exercise with HIIT.

Use exercises that offer a full body workout.

Kettlebells, for instance, not only give a full body workout, they work all areas of fitness; strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Routines using kettlebells also burn calories fast! If you’re using weights, do deadlifts, squats, dips and pull ups for maximum results in the shortest time. There’s also a seven minute bodyweight full body workout that uses jumping jacks, wall sit, push ups, abdominal crunch, step up onto a chair, squat, tricep dip on a chair, plank, high knees running in place, lunge, push up and rotation and side plank. Do each one of these 12 exercises for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in between them.

Use supersets.

You don’t have to work opposing muscle groups to do a superset, just do two or more exercises in a row. You can do upper body, then lower body—it doesn’t matter. Just doing the next exercise as soon as possible with as little pause in between as possible is what is important. That cuts your workout time dramatically by cutting your down time. It creates a much faster workout that also helps burn more fat and gives you cardio benefits.

  • Combine your cardio with your strength training. If you’re lifting weights, instead of resting do a few rounds of cardio in between exercises. Jumping jacks, burpees and mountain climbers work. Do 45 seconds of cardio, then give yourself the last 15 seconds to rest before moving to the next lift.
  • Use compound exercises that work on more than one muscle group. Examples are squats, lunges, push ups and pull ups.
  • Break up your exercise time. Nobody said you have to workout a half hour straight. You can break up your routine into sections, as long as they’re at least ten minutes, and do them throughout the day.
  • Increase your intensity and shorten your workout time by moving faster. Longer is not necessarily better when it comes to exercise. Higher intensity and shorter provides more benefits and gets you out of the gym faster.

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