Share Your Success

When you accomplish your fitness goals, you should share your success with others. That doesn’t mean you should go around bragging, but letting other people know your progress may even help you get fitter or maintain weight loss or fitness levels. One study showed that people who shared their weight loss and fitness goals and posted their progress on social media via word or photo lost 1.2 pounds a week compared to those who didn’t that lost 0.27 pounds a week.

Sharing your goals keeps you accountable.

Writing down your goals helps. It gives you direction and a path to achieve them. However, you can write down goals all day and still not make a move to get busy on the path if nobody else knows about them. Just letting others know your exercise program and progress, means other people are aware when you don’t accomplish that goal. It’s like your parents looking over your grade card in school. With some people, the input of their parents was what actually drove them to succeed.

Sharing goals helps, but being able to share successes is even more motivating.

Sharing your successes motivates you to do even better. It’s a proud moment when you stand on the scales and weigh pounds less or are capable of lifting more, fitting into a smaller size or running further. One reason working with a personal trainer is so effective is that you have someone who tracks your progress and with whom you can share your successes. When you’ve done well, it’s a time to celebrate with others.

  • Sharing your successes can be motivating to others, too. Whether it’s because of their competitive streak or just that you inspired them, you can help get them on the road to fitness.
  • Share your successes with a supportive group that wants to see you succeed. Not everyone is that way. If you have people in your life you can’t avoid that like to step on your dreams, only share with them when you succeed.
  • Take a picture of yourself when you first start your workout program and ones at various intervals along the way. Wear the same clothing and take the picture in the same spot for the most effective comparison.
  • Sharing your success can help you find like minded people that also want to live a healthy lifestyle. You might find a great workout buddy that you would have otherwise missed.

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