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  • Fiber Clean
  • Glutanmine Powder
  • Gold Standard Magnesium

    Gold Standard Magnesium

    The typical U.S. diet is lacking in the essential mineral magnesium. Most people do not
    consume even the minimum recommended daily value of this important nutrient. For some
    individuals, higher amounts of magnesium are required due to increased activity
    levels/energy requirements, presence of chronic disease, etc. Magnesium is an essential
    mineral that is a required cofactor for well over 300 chemical reactions in the body. In all,
    magnesium takes part in more chemical reactions than any other nutrient. Our Gold Standard
    Magnesium is from Albion labs, and consists of magnesium lysyl glycinate. Albion Labs
    manufactures premium chelated minerals and have been the subject of numerous research
    • Albion labs magnesium lysyl glycinate which bonds magnesium to the amino acids
    • lysine and glycine.
    • 400 mg elemental magnesium per serving.
    • Superior absorption and bioavailability.
    • Provides a superior source of magnesium, a major mineral which serves as a
    • cofactor for well over 300 biochemical reactions.*
    • Magnesium is required for nutrient metabolism and energy production, muscle
    • function and works synergistically with calcium, where calcium is responsible for
    • muscle contraction and magnesium, muscle relaxation.*
    • Magnesium is also essential for maintaining a normal, healthy blood pressure, and
    • is required for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, cell membrane function and the
    • activity of hormones, neurotransmitters and other cellular regulators.*
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  • Joint

    Joint Support


    Joints play a vital role in supporting health. You need strong, flexible, healthy joints to be able to live life and to get the exercise you need to support health. Every joint in the body consists of cartilage tissue and special synovial fluids to make sure the joints move easily. Because joint health is so important, the body constantly creates new joint tissue to replace older or damaged tissue. This process requires a lot of nutrients to support the formation of new healthy joints. It is made with Glucosamine Sulfate 1000 mg, Chondroitin Sulfate Complex 100 mg, Boswellia 100 mg & more

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  • Liver Detox Support

    Liver Detox & Support


    The liver is the central organ of the body’s detoxification processes and Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator is a combination of herbs and nutrients designed to support the liver’s role in these processes. It has Milk Thistle Extract and other herbs that are known to favor healthy liver function. In addition, this product includes N-Acetyl Cysteine and Methionine, two amino acids known to be essential for the production of glutathione, which is a potent free radical scavenger that also plays a critical role in maintaining the body’s normal elimination pathways.

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  • Methyl B 12

    Methyl B-12



    • High potency formula contains 3,000 mcg of methylcobalamin.
    • The formula also contains 400 mcg of folic acid, 300 mcg of biotin and 10 mg of B-6.
    • Convenient dosage; lozenge dissolves under the tongue.
    • Great tasting cherry flavor.


    • Methylcobalamin is more bioactive than cyanocobalamin, which has to be converted by the liver to the active coenzyme form methylcobalamin before it can function in the body.*
    • Methylcobalamin aids in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine, supporting healthy blood homocysteine levels.*
    • Vitamin B-6 and folic acid work synergistically with methyl B-12 to promote healthy blood homocysteine levels.*
    • Methylcobalamin helps donate a methyl group to form SAMe (s-adenosylmethionine) which helps support healthy brain function and liver detoxification.*
    • Methylcobalamin is essential for the production of normal, healthy myelin; protects the nervous system and supports its function.*
    • Biotin along with B12 helps support fatty acid, amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism.*
    • Vitamin B-12 and folic acid support healthy red blood cell production, essential for oxygen transport throughout the body.*
    • Vitamin B-12 deficiency generally increases with age because of decreased levels of intrinsic factor a protein normally produced by the stomach and which aids in B12 absorption.*
    • Ideal source for vegan vegetarians who are at greater risk for vitamin B-12 deficiency.*
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  • MSM Powder

    MSM Powder


    MSM is a naturally occurring compound which contains sulfur and methyl (CH3) groups.

    MSM is involved in a variety of biological functions, including the maintenance of collagen integrity, and it nutritionally supports the formation of healthy connective tissue, particularly that of the joints.  MSM also helps support healthy hair, skin and nails.  OptiMSM® is the highest quality, purest and most widely used form of MSM in the dietary supplement industry.*


    • OptiMSM® is a proprietary form of U.S.A.-made methylsulfonylmethane. It is the purest form available and exceeds all customer specifications in this area.  Every batch is tested for water content, residual DMSO and also heavy metals which are important under California Prop 65
    • Every batch is made in an US-based single-purpose facility in Vancouver, WA. This eliminates the potential for cross-contamination and reduces the chance of impurities.
    • OptiMSM® is distilled for purity compared to other forms which use other less effective means to eliminate impurities (typically crystallization).
    • Only OptiMSM® has built the market for this material in the last 5 years. All of the important published safety and efficacy studies have been funded by Bergstrom Nutrition.
    • Virtually all leading brand marketers in North America specify and use OptiMSM® in their joint formulations.


    • OptiMSM® as a sulfur containing compound has been shown in several peer-reviewed studies to help support the structure of joint tissue.  This stability allows for improved joint function.*
    • OptiMSM® by supplying needed sulfur, helps improve the overall health of joints, including the support of a normal, healthy inflammatory response.*
    • OptiMSM® helps support healthy liver detoxification, helping the body get rid of potential toxins.*
    • Clinical studies show OptiMSM® helps support a healthy immune response to environmental allergens.*
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  • Organic Balanced Meal Replacement Chocolate
  • Plant protein vanilla