Simple Ways To Measure Your Food Portions

Dieting shouldn’t be as difficult as brain surgery or quantum physics. You shouldn’t have to buy special gear to measure precisely how much you eat. Even when you own it, it doesn’t solve the problem of eating in public places. You shouldn’t have to have that scales or those measuring tools with you all the time. There should be simple ways to measure your food portion! The good news is that there are simple techniques, so even people who don’t own the fancy equipment still have the right equipment to measure how much they eat.

You carry a measuring tool with you wherever you go.

That’s right, everyone has a tool to measure portions. It’s called your hand! It measures serving size, rather than specific portions. That’s because everyone has a different size of hand, but that hand size is also determined by their frame and size. So this technique is actually personalized. A level handful is a single serving of nuts. It’s about a quarter cup. A heaping handful is closer to a half cup, which is about one serving of dry pasta. If you’re trying to figure out how much peanut butter to scoop for a serving, use a two finger scoop for two tablespoons. A one finger scoop is a teaspoon and good for a single serving of butter.

That’s not the only way to use your hands to measure food.

Create a fist and you have the amount of food in a cup. Look at the meaty part of your thumb and that’s about the amount of food for an ounce. The tip of your index finger is a teaspoon, while the middle section measures an inch. The palm of your hand is a good way to measure a 3 oz section of meat, poultry or fish.

Compare portion size with everyday items.

Your driver’s license or ID is one way to measure the size of a sour dough bread serving. The serving size for meat should not be larger than the width of a tennis ball and two to three slices is the right amount for a meal. If you want a potato or potatoes in the case of baby red potatoes, don’t make the serving How do you measure vegetables? Here’s a food that you need to make sure you have a minimum amount, not a maximum. Use four SmartPhones in two stacks of two next to each other for the minimum amount.

  • Beware of sauces and add-ons. Those potatoes don’t include butter and yams or sweet potatoes don’t include that marshmallow topping Aunt May creates.
  • Consider using a portion control plate at home. It’s a good way to learn the proper portions so you can simply eyeball it out in public.
  • Even though you’re an ace at portion control, if you’re also the human plate cleaner, finishing the kid’s meals, you’ll not lose weight. Remember, being a member of the plate cleaner’s club doesn’t come with any reward! Try to always leave a little on your plate until you’ve mastered quitting when you’re full.

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