There Are No Bad Emotions

No matter how hard you battle, that feeling of anger keeps popping up. You’ve been taught to fight off this negative emotion because it’s bad. You have to realize, there are no bad emotions and for that matter, there are no “good” emotions either. There are just emotions. It’s how you deal with those emotions that ultimately determines whether the emotions impact you positively or negatively. Emotions can play a huge role when it comes to weight loss, especially if you’re not acknowledging them.

What are negative emotions?

Most people consider emotions like sadness, fear or anger to be negative, but that’s just not true. They have a valid place in your life. Not all fear is bad. Some of it is legitimate and tells us to flee quickly or stop doing something that’s dangerous and unhealthy. Some anger is well deserved and indicates someone has stepped over the line. What we do when we feel these emotions is the key. If you feel fear, ask yourself why. If there’s a large vehicle moving directly at you, do that quickly and move! If it’s because of an upcoming interview or test, prepare for it. If it’s a health issue, deal with it. If you can do nothing about the situation, accept it.

You can even get too much of a “good” thing.

It would be lovely to live in a world where you only felt happiness and joy….or would it? Seriously, that state of chronic euphoria could get old quickly. Just like any drug, you’d need to get higher highs and more happiness to be satisfied. Luckily, life doesn’t work like that. You notice I said luckily, because that’s true. Drug user often ignore dangers and become complacent. There’s no striving to do better or joy in accomplishment. The same would be true of people who see no negatives in life, but because we’re human, those people really don’t exist, no matter how hard they try.

You need to confront your emotions and reflect.

All emotions have a purpose. Feeling them is a way to reflect on them. Dwelling on them isn’t. You need to feel it to give yourself a chance to heal or grow. It helps you identify the things you want to change and provides guidance. Rather than considering emotions as positive or negative, consider them as a wise counselor. If you feel bad about something, ignoring those feelings and pushing them down deep can lead to overeating or other problems. It’s better to face them, reflect on them and then move on, rather than grab a donut to stuff them away.

  • By expressing your emotions or at least accepting them, it brings a sense of closure. While you still may carry it with you, the load gets lighter and melts away quicker.
  • You’ll always have conflicts or setbacks in life. The key is to accept the emotions that go with it, then quit self-loathing, anger at others and move on using that information you gained to improve your conditions.
  • Dealing with negative emotions and confronting fears can help you become emotionally stronger. If you avoid all “bad” emotions, you never get that opportunity.
  • Most people use emotions in their script for their life. You may self-sabotage your weight loss plan out of guilt, use depression as an excuse for overeating. Neither guilt nor depression are negative emotions, the negative part comes in how you act on those emotions.

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