Working Out In Real Life Situations

You’re constantly working out in real life situations, even though you may not realize it. It’s those chores around the house, the bags you bring in from the grocery and all that lawn work that can do you in if you’re not physically fit enough to do it. It doesn’t have to be hard work. It can be something as simple as picking up a baby or a pet. Injury can occur by simply bending the wrong way to tie your shoes. You can be the perfect weight with no other physical problems, but if you don’t have functional fitness, you’re opening up yourself to injury.

Even if you’re muscular and can lift enormous amounts of weight, you may not be functionally fit.

It just takes one wrong turn to change the person with a beach body into someone who can’t get off the floor because they threw their back out reaching to the back of the closet to get their dress shoes. That’s because no matter how strong they are, their muscles may not be working together in synergy. You may have built them up independently, but that can leave you open to injury in everyday situations when you use more than one muscle group at a time.

Functional fitness is all about balance and control of your own body weight.

Try doing a one-legged squat and see how far you get before you fall down. If you’re like most people, you may be able to lower yourself slightly and raise up, but not get all the way in squat position before you fall. It’s all about balancing and controlling your own body weight.

You’ll find muscle weaknesses when you start working on functional fitness.

One of the reasons people aren’t functionally fit, even though they may look extremely fit, is because they don’t address the problems of weaker muscle groups. Many times they continue a workout without identifying weaker muscle groups and their workouts just make those weaker groups even weaker, while the stronger ones get stronger. The stronger ones continually compensate for weaker ones. It’s worse when the stronger ones are smaller muscle groups and the larger muscle groups are weaker. You’re ripe for injury.

  • Exercises for functional fitness help all muscle groups work together successfully.
  • Form is the ultimate goal of functional fitness exercises. You workout until you can no longer maintain perfect form.
  • The training program for functional fitness is varied. It uses compound movements, some muscle isolation and explosive exercises. It about muscles working in unison rather than alone.
  • Real life workouts test your limits. If you’re landscaping your yard, you don’t quit after 45 minutes to an hour, you push, lift, dig and work until you’re done. Being functionally fit helps you complete that every day task.

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